Sunday, June 20, 2010


Salam all,

Yes, Im back! Huhu. Setelah sekian lama (3 months ++) tak update blogku ini. Bukan tak mo update tp for so many reasons yg tak mampu nak di-list-out-kan, maka blog ni terbengkalai mcm tu je. Harap maaf. I akan try utk update blog ni selalu tp tak leh hari2 sbb keje skrg masyaAllah. Tak tau nak ckp. Tak mcm dl. Dulu happy je, skrg merana. Huahua. Tp apekan daya, hanya mampu bertahan. Byk yg nak di update ni. Tp satu2 la ye. Hehe. Oh blogku, aku rindu kamu. 


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Evelyn's Farewell


Entry kali ni nak share gambar² masa Evelyn's farewell. If tak salah, about 2 weeks ago. Eh, ke 3 weeks ago? Huhu. Venue kat Ole ole Bali kat Sunway Pyramid. The food was delicious! Tapi tak le pi hari². Skali skala nak makan sedap and mahal bole la. Restaurant tu serve Indonesian food. Btw, Evelyn was actly my boss masa kat department lama. Takmo komen byk² sal the company or anything related to the company. Takot kang jd issue plak. Huhu. Thank you Evelyn for everything. Wish you all the best in what ever you do. We are gonna miss you a LOT! xoxo!

Mimi, Me, Chithra. Ha, ni la tudung yg I beli dr Orked Venture tu. Love the shawl! Bulat sungguh muka I. Takpe ade 5 bulan lg nak diet before pi fitting bj kawen

My colleagues when I was in import dept and my ex boss, Evelyn in red.

I love this pic! Kawan² yg senget. Kak zarina tido smbil cakap tepon.~

Air yg tak igt nama

Ayam and kentang yg sooodapp!


Kehkeh. Peace! Ni la hasil idea Mimi. Perabis memory kad Camera Lai. Huhu

We're going to miss you Evelyn~ TC!

In short, all I can say is that I love the food, love to eat, love the camera, and I love my friends! :))


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